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Change to the Use Classes Order

11/11/2021Change to the Use Classes Order

In September of 2020 a change in planning regulation was brought into place, and the existing Use Classes Order 1987 was amended to introduce the Use Classes Order 2020.

When the amended use classes order came into effect in 2020 these classes as well as a number of others became incorporated into a new class known as Class E.

In force from 1 September 2020, subject to certain transitional provisions, the core changes include the recalibration of the classification of uses of property. Classes A, B1 and D1, applicable to retail, office and non-residential institutions and assembly and leisure uses respectively, are removed and new use classes introduced in their place. The new Class E encompasses commercial, business and service, while the new F.1 and F.2 apply to learning and non-residential institutions and local community use respectively.

The most interesting result of this amendment is the introduction of Class E. 

Under the use classes order 1987 commercial properties were split into a variety of different use classes, for example, Class A1 (Retail), Class A2 (Professional and Financial) and Class A3 (Restaurant).

In addition, some uses which were previously given their own use class have been moved into the 'sui generis' category, meaning they will from now belong to no specific class. Changes to and from these uses will be subject to full local consideration through the planning application process.

This change will greatly increase a tenants options when looking to take on a new commercial property.

For advice as to how this change may affect you or your property please contact GP Property with any questions.